Our Vision

Royal Smells for Electrical Material and Fragrances Trading Co. Ltd. offers the best technologies of smart fragrant diffusing devices and perfumes for best refinishing solutions that it offers through its officially registered brand as "RoyalSmells", which is considered as a leader in the Iraq's local markets in the field of air freshening devices

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Our Mission

At "Royal Smells" we have all air and atmosphere fragrance devices as they work with the techniques of vaporizing essential oils of various types and densities. Practical coverage that meets all sizes of rooms, halls and centers in private or public places. We have the finest collections of oil perfumes with their luxurious scents to suit all high-end tastes of scents Fragrant and fragrant to spread it over times continuously around the clock to last and last for long periods and months, to give the visitors of the place a pleasant and distinctive atmosphere that adds more beauty to its beauty and sports.

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Our Massage

We have devices for perfuming indoor and open spaces, currently represented by six types and with more than one method of operation in several levels to suit the conditions of customers according to the appropriate place and time, as we have devices that cover different areas, both according to their capacity, starting from 50 square meters up to 1500 square meters and higher Efficiency, knowing that the devices of Turkish origin contain a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Each device is equipped with its own simplified use manual for the purpose of knowing the method of use by all customers

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